Event Consultation Planning Execution (1)

Event Consultation, Planning & Execution

Involve us in your event from the beginning, and we can assist in strategic planning. From proper permits to first aid tents, our professional and experienced staff can streamline the medical preparation for your event.

BLS & ALS Ambulance

Our highly trained team is equipped to provide ambulance and emergency services to ensure a safe and smooth event. By providing certified emergency personnel and transport services, we allow event organizers the peace of mind to focus on the core of your event.

BLS & ALS Ambulance (1)
Venue Medical & Tour Services (1)

Venue Medical & Tour Services

With decades of experience leading event medicine in partnership with a diversity of events, we offer a full range of on-site medical services, including first aid, urgent care, medical supply and advanced logistics support.

Medical Command & Disaster Relief

It’s our job to plan for the scenarios no one wants to think about. From preparing emergency plans in conjunction with all local agencies, to providing sufficient personnel, and our extensive emergency response experience means all attendees are in safe hands.

Medical Command & Disaster Relief (1)
Ambassadors (1)


Keep your hand on the pulse of the crowd by utilizing our ambassadors, who seamlessly interact with the crowd in a more relaxed manner, while monitoring for any emergency situations or potential health hazards.