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Dedication to our founder and principles


Carl Monzo Jr. was a true pioneer and entrepreneur of event medicine and public safety. As an employee of then transport company, Ambu-Care, Carl created an unprecedented events division in the 1980’s servicing the greater Philadelphia region. In 1996, Carl successfully developed and implemented the medical plan for the inaugural, 70,000 person Phish festival, The Clifford Ball. There was no template, no guide-book, and no safety net. Those early Phish festivals would go on to be the inspiration for Bonnaroo and countless others, ultimately resulting in the massive festival industry we see today.

Carl literally wrote the book on modern event medicine and continued to adjust and strive for perfection until he sadly passed away in November 2020. His impact and success can be best attributed to his extensive and ever-expanding knowledge of the space, creative thinking, and relentless work ethic; but most importantly his kindness, empathy, and genuine love for every human in his care.

National Event Services proudly continues Carl’s profound and impactful legacy of innovation, generosity, responsibility, excellence, and public service.

Meet the Team


Carl Monzo III


Marissa Monzo

Mike Diienno (1)

Mike Diienno

Gary (1)

Gary Vinnacombe

Sr. Director of Operations
Caduceus-30591_1280 (1)

Jonathan Keogh

Senior Director, Festival Operations
Ed (1)

Ed Matuliewich

ALS Director
Jessica (1)

Jessica Wadleigh

Executive Administrator
Aaron (1)

Aaron Powley

Director of Regional Operations
Josh Cole (1)

Josh Cole

Deputy Director, Festival Operations
Sarah (1)

Sarah Marine

Project Manager
Jared (1)

Jared Huddleston

Regional Operations Manager
Dr. Dark (1)

Dr. Dark

Medical Command
Dr. Mickler (1)

Dr. Mickler

Medical Command
Rob Enck (1)

Rob Enckhausen

Executive Director, NES Safety