April 7, 2017


Carl Monzo
President and CEO of National Event Services
Carl began his career in Emergency Services in 1979. During his early career, Carl found the sports and entertainment industry was lacking in quality, professional emergency medical care. Based on this, Carl helped develop the first private ambulance service in Pennsylvania exclusively serving the special events industry. As Emergency Services have grown and evolved considerably over the last four decades, Carl has led the charge ensuring a safe environment for mass gathering sporting events, concerts and music festivals. He wrote some of the first safety planning manuals and built staffing models where none previously existed. These manuals and staffing models set the tone for emergency services in the festival community.
Daniel Monzo
Chief Operating Officer
Daniel began his emergency services career in 1996. With his many years as a 911 provider as well as managing small and large scale gatherings, he understands the ever changing needs of the sports and entertainment industry. He works closely with our client partners while managing the day to day operations of a well-respected emergency services organization that is solely dedicated to the event industry.
Jonathan Keogh
Vice President, Festival Operations
JK has nearly two decades of event public safety experience managing some of the largest mass gathering events in the country. “Knowing the needs of all the stakeholders of an event and how they all fit together is critical to creating a comprehensive safety plan. The industry is constantly evolving and what may work at one event may not work at another. Being able to bring in a team with extensive experience from around the globe insures not only a comprehensive safety plan for your event, but that plan will be implemented according to the industries latest and best practices.”
Michael Diienno
Vice President, Festival Operations
Mike has more than two decades of emergency services experience. As a past fire chief and 911 EMS responder Mike understands the unique perspectives presented by both the promoters we represent and the local authorities with whom we partner throughout the country. He brings with him an in-depth knowledge of the music industry and crowd demographics.
John Langenstein
Vice President, Event Services
John has nearly 4 decades of experience in venue and touring security operations. Having toured with some of the largest musical acts in the world as well as managing large scale rural and urban mass gathering events, John has an uncanny ability to accurately determine crowd movement and venue entrancing. His industry experience has garnered him the respect of law enforcement and public safety entities throughout the world.
Christy Feener
Vice President, Event Services
Christy is a 33-year veteran of security, event staffing and safety consulting. Christy worked for 19 years for Bill Graham Presents as a venue Manger and then Company Security Director. Christy joined the NES team in 2003 and oversees all West Coast operations as well security management for numerous internationally renowned music festivals. Christy brings with her expertise in staffing deployments, auditing, quality assurance and peer group security interaction with local law enforcement that is integral to safety at large scale events.
Anthony (AJ) Ferriola
EMS Manager, New Jersey Operations
AJ began his career in Emergency Services in 1992. He joined National Event Services as an EMT more than 20 years ago, while simultaneously working for two busy EMS 911 agencies in New Jersey. In addition to managing the NJ operations for NES he serves as Fire Chief of the Verga Fire Company as well as his full-time position as a police officer in the City of Philadelphia. AJ holds numerous certifications from multiple Emergency Management agencies and numerous accommodations from the police department.
Matthew Payne
Festival Operations Manager
Matt began his career as a certified EMT in 2009. He then became a certified paramedic in 2012. Special events have always been his focus. Before he became Festival Operations Manager with National Event Services, Matt worked 911 calls in rural Tennessee. Matt has been with National Event Services since 2015.