September 18, 2017


National Event Services staffs events around the globe! We invite qualified, EMS certified, persons to apply.

There will be a three-step process for ALL festival applications, application, schedule availability and event/shift confirmation.

Step 1: Fill out an application – found below under staffing link for each event.

Step 2: If your qualifications are something we are currently staffing for, we will send you an availability/scheduling link. This does not mean you are automatically hired, it simply means we are gathering your availability to see if it matches our current needs. You will fill out that form and submit it to the Staffing Manager for that event. Remember, for most festivals there is a 3 shift minimum. The more availability you have, the better your chances are of being hired.

Step 3: If your availability matches our needs, the Staffing Manager will send you a confirmation of your scheduled shifts. You must respond stating that you have received your schedule and will make it to your scheduled shifts. At this point, you are hired! Congratulations!

If you are interested in working a festival in a state you are not currently licensed in, we have attached information on getting reciprocity. This information is found under the state certification links. Please note, the sooner you start the reciprocity process, the higher your chances are of getting your state license in time.


Important dates to be aware of:

March 2019: Bonnaroo Staffing begins.

April 2019: Electric Forest staffing begins. Final Bonnaroo Applications will be accepted.

May 2019: (Early May) Bonnaroo Schedule will be completed. Final Electric Forest applications will be accepted. (Late May) Electric Forest Schedule will be completed.

June 2019: Bonnaroo and Electric Forest Festivals take place!

July 2019: Camp Bisco Festival applications will be accepted.

August 2019: Peach Festival takes place!



Information: This is our 18th year at Bonnaroo and this is the festival that started it all! Located on over 700 acres in Manchester, TN. Bonnaroo is the grand daddy of music festivals. We staff the Primary Medical tent as well as Centeroo and other smaller tents around the property. We staff Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, and EMTs for this festival.
Dates: June
Staffing Link
State Certification Needed: Tennessee
State Certification Link

Electric Forest

Information: Electric Forest (EFF) is on one of the most unique sites in the country. Located in Rothbury, Michigan, EFF has, simply put, the forest, and it really comes alive at night. Other festivals have tried to imitate it but EFF stands in a world of its own. We staff Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, and EMTs for this festival. We will be driving vans of staff from TN and Chicago for this event.
Dates: June
Staffing Link
State Certification Needed: Michigan
State Certification Link